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Getting To Better Know Our Awesome Dental Administrator, Mary

WE RECENTLY REALIZED that we’ve probably wrongly assumed that ALL of you know Mary as well as we do! This month we are getting to know Mary a little bit better. You probably all recognize her cheerful greeting at our Downtown location, but how well do you really know her?

So, We Asked Mary A Few Fun Questions. Here goes:

How long has she been working in the dental field?

Mary has been with Dr Costello for 14 years! Actually, she was highly recommended to us by another team member. This was her first experience working in dentistry, and she loves the variety each day brings and loves all of our wonderful patients. She says she truly enjoys coming to work every day.

What’s her favorite thing to do when not at work?

Mary loves the outdoors! She spends a lot of time hiking, biking, camping and gardening. In fact, she spoils all of us at the office with fresh vegetables from her garden pretty regularly throughout the summer! On a random weekend, you might find Mary out for a hike or checking out a microbrewery around the state. In fact, her picture was taken at Whitefish Dunes in Door County!

What is her motto to life?

Some words Mary lives by are from Winston Churchill, “Never give in — never, never, never, never, in nothing great or small, large or petty, never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense”.

We hope this has helped you get to know Mary a little better. We feel privileged to have Mary as an awesome team member here in our practice.

We look forward to seeing you during your next visit!


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