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Dental Loupes Help Us All!

HAVE YOU NOTICED the funny looking glasses that Dr. Costello and the hygienists wear? Well, these aren’t simply a fashion statement! Dental loupes are actually magnifiers that we wear while providing services for our patients. These special glasses help us and they help you!

Dental Loupes Help Us Help You!

Dental loupes help by enabling us to maintain proper posture throughout our procedures. The magnification allows us to create a consistent working distance between you, the patient, and us. As a patient, you appreciate that we are giving you some space, right? And especially for us as clinicians, we are able to sit up straight, keep our spine in proper alignment throughout the day, and overall, help us continue with long and successful careers!

They don’t only help us, but they help you too! By magnifying the teeth, we are able to see into your mouth with so much detail. Dr. Costello can be certain to catch every bit of decay, make perfect margins, and fit your crown and bridge work exactly right!

We Do Our Best To Brighten Your Smile

When you’re seeing one of the hygienists for your visit, you can be sure that they will get your teeth as clean as possible! Even though you brush and floss like a boss, most likely you can’t remove every bit of plaque, tartar and stain. Our skilled hygienists will be sure to catch what you can’t, and be able to show you how to improve your daily home care routine!

Our goal is to always provide you with the best care possible, and that includes using the best equipment that is available to us. We want you to know that we care about taking good care of you–and of ourselves! Next time you visit us, take note of our silly looking glasses. We’ll be sure to model them for you!


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