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It’s Earth Day 2012! Learn How Green Dentistry Benefits You.

How Green Dentistry Benefits You

Green dentistry isn’t a fad; it’s easy to do and a way of life that benefits everyone. Here are some of the ways we are trying to do our part here at our practice.

We use digital x-rays instead of film, which means you are exposed to 90 percent less radiation than is used by traditional x-rays. We’re not exposed to hazardous chemicals used to process the images, and there are no hazardous materials to dispose of.

Our office is making the move to being paperless! We are almost there. We’re sure you’ve noticed all of our computer programs for charting, and we do electronic claims to insurance companies so that they are sent over a secure site with no paper involved. As new technology comes about we are trying to incorporate it for your comfort and for the reduction of paper.

The bio-hazard disposal receptacles in our office ensure that neither you nor the environment comes in contact with used needles or toxic chemicals.

Other ways a dentist office can show good stewardship to the patient and the environment is to use hand sanitizer. Many paper towels and a great amount of water might be saved every day in just one average-size dentist office!

Here is one tip for green dentistry you can incorporate at home:

1. Turn off the water while you brush your teeth.

Be green and let’s all do our part! Happy Earth Day!


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