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What We’re Grateful For This Holiday Season

HAPPY HOLIDAYS FROM ALL OF US here at Dr Costello’s offices! We wanted to share a little bit about what the holidays mean to each of us:

Mary G:

I’m so grateful that my family is healthy and together to celebrate this special time of year. The holiday season is the time to celebrate all of my blessings, and enjoy spending time with friends and family.


This season I’m grateful for a healthy family and to me the holiday season means family, food and craziness-but good craziness. I personally enjoy multiple get togethers to stretch the holidays out a bit more.

Dr. Costello:

I’m grateful for healthy friends and family and the time to enjoy their company. Holidays are a time to relax and reconnect with family.


I am very grateful for having a happy and healthy family, a loving husband and two fantastic boys with huge hearts and boundless energy. I always look forward to spending time with family and friends and I love hearing my kids sing about Jesus at church every Christmas Eve.


This year I am grateful for my friends and coworkers who make my days fun and eventful. There is never a dull moment! I am also thankful to have not just one but 2 really great jobs that i thoroughly enjoy, I never am bored.

The holidays to me mean a chance to reflect on the year and everything that has happened in a year’s time! I like to think back on what I was doing the previous holiday season and who i was with celebrating it with, its nice when it is the same people and we can share the memories we created.


I’m grateful for all my family and friends, of course, but especially for my husband who makes me laugh every day!

To me, the holidays mean a time to take a breath and appreciate all that is important, and also family Polish Poker tournament time!! It’s a real game- you only get ONE card :) !


I am grateful for health, family and friends. To me, the holiday means spending quality time with family and friends, sharing good food and conversation.

Jennifer B:

I am grateful for the health of my family, the opportunity to spend time with those I love creating new & special memories, and all the countless blessings I receive every day that I don’t always take the time to say thank you for. The holidays, specifically the Advent season, provide another opportunity to reflect with close family and friends on the birth of our Savior and the amazing gift we receive through the grace of God the Father who provides us salvation through his Son.

Mary P:

I am grateful for my sweet loving husband Michael, and for the love and support from my family, friends and co-workers.I am grateful that my daughter who lives in Oregon will be coming home for Christmas. The Holidays for me are a time to gather with family and enjoy cooking together and eating togetther, playing music, singing, dancing and watching Christmas movies.


I am grateful for my family, friends, and those who I am close to. I am thankful for their good health and I hope it continues as we move into the new year. I am also thankful for being able to travel home for the holidays to spend time with my family. The holidays are about celebration and spending time with family. They are a time to reminisce, cherish what you have, and look forward to what is to come. I personally enjoy being around those I love because that truly makes me happy.

Jennifer W:

I am grateful for the health of my family & a roof over my head! (That’s much more than many people have these days!) The holidays are a time to get together with family and friends and celebrate life.


I am grateful for having such great family and friends. The holidays are a time to celebrate with family what God has blessed us with throughout our lives.


Most grateful for having such a wonderful husband, three amazing children, a very special daughter in law, very first grand baby, amazing relatives, wonderful friends and being part of a terrific dental team. And I’m very grateful that everyone’s healthy and happy!

The holidays are always special when sharing them with family and friends. Celebrating the birth of Jesus, enjoying great food and conversation, playing cards, watching movie marathons and being together. This holiday season is really special as my family heads back to Breckenridge for family fun. We will reminisce old memories and create new memories. It’s a Wonderful Life!


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